Things We Learned at the Sylvan Heights Bird Sanctuary

April 24, 2017  •  1 Comment

Recently our mermaid adventures brought us down to Greenville, NC for ECU's PirateFest. Since we were down in central North Carolina with a full free travel day, Amanda and I decided we should make something of it. The NC Zoo, while being on our list of places to go to learn things, was a bit out of the way. Over breakfast we decided that even if we couldn't make it to the zoo, we should make something more of our trip back to Richmond. Amanda did some quick Googling and found that the Sylvan Heights Bird Park was along our route and had owls. Since they had owls, we HAD to stop. We punched the address into our GPS and we were off. 

The Sylvan Heights Bird Park is a gem hidden in the Halifax County North Carolina. The park functions as a bird research facility and houses bird from all over the world. Their mission is to provide a place for Zoologists and Biologists to hone their knowledge of these beautiful animals. Fortunately for us, this research center is also open to the public! Right as we parked we could hear the calls of all sorts of birds. Most notably, we heard the distinct call of the Kookaburra and knew we were in for a treat. This park has the world's largest collection of exotic and rare waterfowl. The birds featured there are incredible. We put together this video to give you a taste of what we saw. 

Being bird lovers, especially Amanda, we were keen to notice the varying personalities of the birds. The exhibits at the park are "interactive" for lack of a better term. Many of the exhibits are designed so that the birds can interact with the visitors at their leisure. Even though I had left my professional camera and zoom lens at home, we were able to see the birds up close and soak in the details in the birds' coloring in a way that you would expect to see only in documentaries. These personal interactions with the birds made the experience unforgettable.

If you ever find yourself in Halifax County North Carolina, the Sylvan Heights Bird Park is an excellent place to and learn things!


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