New Things to Come!

March 17, 2017

We are ready to announce some new things coming to J. Berendt Photography!

Earlier this year we introduced a our new logo (below) and today we took a small, yet important step into the internet realm; we got our very own domain! We're now officially located at

The new J. Berendt Photography logo was designed by Peter HersheyOur New J. Berendt Photography LogoThis logo was created by Peter Hershey.

In addition to the new domain, we have a new Instagram presence as well. Check us out at @goplacesandlearnthings. Our photography adventurers have taken us to some amazing places and we've learned some incredible things along the way. I'm really looking forward to using this profile (and maybe a YouTube channel later on) to share more about the places we've been and things we've learned. If that's your cup of tea, we'd really appreciate it if you'd give us a follow!

There are some more things in the pipes here at J. Berendt Photography too so keep an eye out for more new things!